What is digital marketing?

A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Marketing

The internet has transformed the way we buy products and services.
We are using mobile smartphones more and more to shop. There has been a digital revolution in the consumer experience. And the experience is everywhere. It is more important than ever to make sure your business has an effective digital marketing strategy.

When we talk about digital marketing we are referring to these channels:

  • search
  • social media
  • video
  • email

Today’s customer lives on these digital channels.
Digital marketing is about finding ways to be present and stay present at the right moment to capture the customer.

But this puts the customer in charge of the buying process. They are able to do research, compare options, share what they have found, ask for online recommendations and review what they have purchased. All of this often happens at the same time.

Digital disruption

What was once the norm, has been overtaken by the digital marketing revolution. The newspaper is dropping in readership. People access news through social media, and people are moving to on-demand services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

We are distracted by our smartphones while we walk along the street, so we miss adverts in the window or on bus stops. We stream music, like Spotify, which has replaced the radio. The opportunities to use paid-for services reduces the opportunity to place adverts that interrupt our experience.

Yellow pages have been replaced with Google search, where your customers can quickly search for whatever they want, easily and quickly from their mobile phone, to read reviews and see pictures of any company they want to do business with.

Even in brick and mortar businesses, customers hold their mobile phones as they walk the aisles, scanning barcodes and chasing deals, deciding whether it is cheaper to buy online or in-store.

And that is where digital marketing comes in.
You need to make sure your business stands out throughout your customer’s journey.
With so many customer journey touch points and what seems like an endless amount of channels, digital marketing can seem mind-boggling.

What are the three digital marketing channels?

The three digital marketing channels are:

  1. paid
  2. owned
  3. earned

#1. Paid media channel

This makes up everything that you pay for. It includes services like Google AdWords, Facebook paid ads and display marketing.

#2. Owned media channel

This includes channels that you are in control of, like your website, your email list of customers and your blog.

#3. Earned media channel

This is the world of organic readers, through your social media accounts, mentions on other blogs, and articles that are written about your business.

All of these digital marketing channels overlap, just as your customer interaction will overlap as they interact with each channel. For example, if you post a blog article on your website (owned media), this can be read by your customers on your social media channel or can be mentioned on another website blog (earned media).

And together these make up the foundation of your digital marketing strategy.

Do not overlook your earned media. Unless you use search engine paid for services, such as Google Adwords, you will need to make sure your earned media is well developed. This will optimise your organic search engine result page rankings. And save you money on your paid for media budget in the long run.

So in summary, digital marketing is the process that puts your business in front of your customers as they journey through their digital world.

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