how to design a newsletter

How to Design a Newsletter That Your Customers Will Want to Read

Right you’ve built your email list, and now you are ready to send your customers your newsletter. But what should your newsletter look like and what should it contain?

Follow these simple steps to create a newsletter that your subscribers will actually want to read:


How To Design Your Newsletter


#1. Give it an eye catching subject line

You should always approach the subject from a new angle, something fresh. Give it a twist. Be original. Approach the ordinary in extraordinary ways. Interpret facts in unusual ways. Attach it to a current topical event. Otherwise your newsletter will end up in the trash can. But whatever you do to make your subject line eye catching, make sure it relates to the content of your newsletter, otherwise your subscribers will be left with a sense of disappointment and won’t open your next newsletter.

#2. Add an introduction

Keep it brief, all you need is a warm and friendly message from your business, personalised to the person you’re sending it to.

#3. Give your reader a piece of educational content

Always follow the 80-20 rule. 80% of your newsletter should be of value to the reader and 20% can have a sales focus.

You could include a ‘Tip of the Week/Month’ [depending on how often you end out your email newsletter], a piece of trivia, an interesting fact, an article or a recent blog post. If you’re putting a recent blog post in your newsletter, you only need to put the first paragraph in the newsletter, but make sure you include a link to the rest of blog post on website.

#4. Add a splash of content from another source

The next section should be someone else’s content. We’re not saying you should plagiarise someone else, but you could include a section headed  ‘Read the latest from Joe Bloggs’  or see what’s new with ‘Bloggs & Co’ business.

A useful tip is to identify a well-known figure in your industry that your audience will instantly recognise and feature some of their content. You could include strategic partners content that is complimentary to your businesses.

It will add value to the relationship between your business and theirs. Another handy tip is to rotate through several featured partners each time in your newsletter. You could even ask if it’s possible for your business to be included in their newsletter, allowing you to get in front of their audience too.

#5. Feature a customer

If you can, add a short biography about on of your best customers, perhaps even a testimonal. Describe some of the benefits they have received from your company, but make sure you get their permission first. You’ll be surprised how happy people are to be featured in a newsletter. Let’s face it most people love being talked about and you might get a referrals thrown in for good measure.

#6. Insert a call to action

Now you can finally do a bit of selling. You could include a coupon, ask your readers to participate in a contest or survey.

Setting up your newsletter in this way makes it easy for you to add new material each time you need to send out another newsletter. It will mean half of your content is from other people, which reduces your workload, and means it only takes about 15 minutes to put it together.

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