how to be a content marketing ninja

How to be a Content Marketing Ninja

Content marketing is an evolution, not a revolution.
It is a blend of creative art and science.
But for many is it still wrapped in mystery and myth.

– What’s the best length for my blog posts?
– Should I publish my content on every social media platform?
– Can I publish the same content to all my social media platforms?
– How often should I publish my content?

These are just a few questions that you’ll find a variety of opinions on.
Sometimes there are no hard and fast rules.
But there are some simple rules that will work time after time.

Keep on reading and soon you will be a content marketing ninja.

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Follow these 6 simple rules and your content marketing will soon be generating better results.

#1. Keep evolving

The digital world keeps changing.

Facebook and Google keep updating their algorithms.
This means even though your content was prioritised yesterday it doesn’t mean it will be tomorrow.

In 2018 Google prioritised blog articles that were mobile friendly.
Is your website blog mobile friendly?
Google prioritises articles that are about 2000 characters long.
How long are your blog articles?
But nowadays Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is more complex than just looking at the character length of your blog articles.
Google ranks websites based on over 200 factors.

Organic traffic is the best traffic.
But Google doesn’t give you organic search traffic for free.
It comes after months and years of creating great content to make sure you get discovered.

So you can never say the job is done because the algorithms keep changing.
You have to be constantly evolving.
You need to keep up to date with the latest trends and constantly tweak your tactics.

#2. Become a thought leader

Your content needs to convince your audience you’re an influencer, an authority and a thought leader.
You need to make a difference.
You need to create content that solves a problem or adds value.

This will allow your customers to trust your brand enough to part with their cash.

But building brand trust is a slow process.
It is built on one blog article at a time.

Each day your goal should be to increase your merry band of loyal followers on social media and add more subscribers to your email list.
Soon enough you will have an army of loyal customers who trust your brand.

Don’t believe the false promises from the SEO companies promising to get your website at the top of the search pages overnight.
It just doesn’t work like that.
It’s a marathon not a sprint.

You need to have a beautiful mobile friendly website backed up with a constant drip feed of brilliant engaging content that makes a difference to someone’s life.

Your authority is earned by having a real presence on social media, ranking highly on search engines and keeping in regular contact with your audience using your email list.

#3. Measure your vital signs

There is a saying ‘if it moves – measure it’.

This is definitely not a good idea when it comes to content marketing.
Some statistics are pure vanity and do not mean you’ll get an increase in your sales.
Just because you have a lot of social media followers or website traffic, it doesn’t always mean you will have a lot of sales.

What is more important is to have a social media following who are ambassadors for your business, who share your stories and who believe in what you do.

If your end game is only to build brand awareness then ‘measure it – if it moves‘.
But if your goal is to increase sales then you need to keep your eye on these three statistics.
– visitor traffic to your website
– leads that come from your traffic
– sales that come from your leads

#4. Find time to be creative

Content that makes a difference is lovingly crafted, not made by accident.

You need your content to cut through the white noise of the digital world.
Otherwise, it will never reach your audience.

Most of us are time poor and we need to make time to be creative.
The best way to do this is to dedicate regular creative time in your diary to craft your blog posts.
The time you set aside needs to be free of distractions otherwise you’ll find it hard to produce work that stands out from the white noise.
You’ll need to hone those writing skills.
You’ll need to read and write a lot.
And practice every day. Mornings are best when your mind is fresh and supple.
An hour each morning, crafting beautiful writing will reap the rewards.

But some of us just aren’t that creative, and no matter how much time we set aside, the fruits of our labour just won’t be good enough.

In this case, it is best to use a freelance writer or company to do it for you.
We would be happy to help craft beautiful blog posts for your business.
Just drop us a line and let us know how we can help.
Then you will be sure that your content hits the right spot and it will make a difference.

#5. Be prepared to run a marathon

If you are looking for a quick fix with content marketing you will be looking for a very long time.
The secret to increasing sales through content marketing isn’t a quick fix.

Beware of the digital marketers that offer instant results because as the saying goes ‘if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is‘.

The savvy play the long game.

Most people don’t have the stamina to go the full distance.
They give up before the results start to show.
They are addicted to instant gratification.

But real success is payback for hard work over a long time.
Winning at business requires patience and dedication.

Success is more than the number of followers on Twitter and the number of likes on Facebook.
There are a number of paid tactics that can be used to generate quicker results.
But the free tactics can be just as lucrative, they just require more patience.

Whether you go for paid or free tactics, you need to develop a content marketing strategy and implement it meticulously.

Playing the long game in content marketing is essential.
Converting traffic into sales takes sweat and tears.
You’ll need to work out how to optimise your landing pages, create premium content like ebooks, videos and podcasts.
It will be worth it in the end.

Along the way you’ll make plenty of mistakes.
As the saying goes ‘if it doesn’t kill you – it makes you stronger‘.
You’ll learn from all the mistakes you make.
Learning is all about making mistakes.
It takes courage to fail and keep going.
No one ever achieved greatness without making mistakes along the way.

To grow your audience you need to make mistakes.
Sometimes you need to make deliberate mistakes.
For example, you should test which blog articles titles generate more traffic.
Use a method called split testing to find out which blog titles produce the best results.

#6. Automate the process but not the content

In the beginning, content marketing was all done manually.
We used to manually post our blog posts and tweet our tweets.
But this was an inefficient method.

Thankfully nowadays we have sophisticated social media marketing tools that automate the process of running campaigns and promotions for us.

But beware.
We should automate the process but not the conversation we have with our audience.
No one wants to have a conversation with a robot.

‘People will forget what you said, but not how you made them feel
Make sure your content connects with people’s emotions.
Use stories that are memorable to persuade, move, educate and transform your audience.
That is how you build a loyal base of followers.

The art of storytelling is alive more than ever.
That is where the power of authentic and powerful content marketing really lies.
And social media allows you to connect and share your stories with your customers like never before.

Now that’s really beautiful.