how to build your email list

How to Build Your Email List

Well let’s start with how not to build your email list. You certainly shouldn’t put an opt-in form on your website asking your visitors to ‘sign up for our newsletter’. Nobody wants another newsletter in their inbox.

The best way to build your email list is to use an opt-in form offering some valuable content which visitors get in exchange for their email address, and in the process give you permission to send them future emails.

We use MailChimp to capture email addresses and send out our newletters. It offers a one-stop approach to capturing website visitor email addresses, building email marketing campaigns and tracking engagement. If you already have an email list, you can even import them in to MailChimp for use in your email newsletter campaigns.

Your valuable content offer should target your customers ‘pain point’.  You need to determine what ‘pain’ your customers are going through, and how you can fix it. Make sure your value offer relates to your products and business. It could be a How-To-Guide,  e-book, coupon or competition.  Perhaps you’re a bricks and mortar business and car-parking is an issue for your customers. You could offer a coupon refunding the cost of their car-parking if they purchase one of your products.

When setting up your email newsletter you must decide how often you will send it out. We recommend at least once a month but it’s best if it is once a week. If it is longer than once month then people might forget who you are and why they signed up.